AI&Data driven farming management


Higher yields
More efficient processing operations

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Service Concept

To achieve higher standards of yield,
quality and efficiency through easy collaboration based on the integrated information in CropScope

For Whom

  • User needs in their work environment

  • For Whom

    I wish;
    to collaborate with the grower and field manager in real time;
    to be working from the same field data and activity as my colleagues;
    to view historic data and outcomes to create better outcomes today.

  • For Whom

    I wish;
    to collaborate with my field manager and farm advisor in real time;
    to plan and manage my watering and fertigation activity.
    to get assistance for predicting and managing pest pressures on the crop.

  • For Whom

    I wish;
    to better predict the quantity, quality and timing of crops coming into the plant.
    to get a better picture of the progress of the crop for efficient operation;
    to collaborate with grower partners for constant improvement

Solutions for challenges

  • Issues we are handling

    Large or disperse farming operations

    The integrated information provided by Cropscope improves efficiency through collaboration and coordination of field visits and tasks on a per field basis

  • Issues we are handling

    Catch Problems before they become big

    Each logged field visit instantly shared with team so crop protection measures are applied in a timely and efficient manner

  • Issues we are handling

    Expand the depth of your farming experience

    Your farming experience made you the success you are today. CropScope creates a foundation of data enriched farming experience on which to grow.

Service Overview

Service Overview

To build digital twin of your field so called “virtual field” on CropScope platform.
All users registered for the designated virtual field can access the virtual field anytime, anywhere and they take an action referring the same information. Also, it is possible to analyze accumulated data and receive the advice from AI.

  • Step1:Data consolidation


    Integrating various information and replicate “virtual field” and users can refer to the information by necessary layer. (farm, field, block, etc…)

  • Step2:Sharing


    Users can share crop growth info and their finding over CropScope virtual field.

  • Step3:Insight


    Users can do crop growth monitoring and farming improvement findings by analyzing accumulated data comparison.

  • Step4:Growing together


    Acceleration of farming judgement and workload with AI learned farming and analyzed know-how

Application Images

  • Weather Station


  • Soil moisture sensor


  • High-reso satelite


  • High-reso satelite

    Grow together


Weather station

An advanced weather station that measures extremely accurately the weather data in a specific place on your field. By using weather forecast and weather historical data, It can help you to know field environment and impact on crop growth.

  • ・Measure the Temperature, Relative air humidity, Rain sensor,
    Wind speed sensor, Wind direction sensor, Radiation sensor
  • ・Works on solar energy

Soil sensor

Knowing accurate soil moisture level and movement, it will bring your optimal irrigation decision at anytime, anywhere.

  • ・Measure the soil humidity and temperature in five layers from 10cm to 50 cm
  • ・Flow meter connection is available
  • ・Works on solar energy