Japan is home to people with some of the world’s longest, healthiest life spans. It’s also a country where vegetable beverages are hugely popular. In fact, a great amount of the vegetable beverages consumed around the world are enjoyed in Japan.Traditionally, vegetables have been essential to the Japanese diet. Today, Japanese take in the nutritional power of vegetables with almost every meal.  In this country, where vegetable beverages are integral to the culture, KAGOME has long been a leading juice brand.Juice production for us begins long before the harvest of great-tasting vegetables—it begins even before cultivation—with development of especially fertile soil. It’s the only way we are able to meet the discerning demands of Japanese consumers for quality and flavor.Thus, in order to please Japanese palates, we enforce stringent quality control in each and every stage of the production cycle: Farming, Breeding, Cultivating, Harvesting, Processing and Distributing.Moreover, our drive to produce high quality consumer vegetable products is embodied in the KAGOME SYSTEM.We begin with careful selection of farmland, with consideration for factors such as land neighboring KAGOME contract farms. We then share our cultivation expertise and techniques by collaborating with each of our independent contract farmers and production facilities.As a rule, our products do not include any genetically modified produce, and we strictly control the use of agrochemicals. Our plants feature a range of specialized technologies to facilitate tasks ranging from raw material processing to packaging and distribution. Over the years, we have focused our methods on maximizing the true value of vegetables, and these methods have continuously improved. We believe our KAGOME SYSTEM of ceaseless innovation is truly unique in the food processing industry.“YASAI” is the Japanese word for “vegetable,” but KAGOME YASAI JUICE is not merely vegetable juice. It’s a unique, high quality, blended beverage created to please the most demanding consumers in the world. It can only be produced with the KAGOME SYSTEM, and only KAGOME has the wisdom and passion to continue maintaining and enhancing this system.