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Kagome’s journey began on a farm in Aichi prefecture in 1899, when founder Ichitaro Kanie saw the first budding of tomato seedlings that he had grown himself. Since then, the Company has worked to introduce innovative approaches to food with an unwavering focus on improving the everyday dietary habits of the people of Japan.
 Kagome’s Corporate Philosophy is encapsulated in the following three key concepts:
 “Corporate Openness” is a cornerstone of Kagome’s pursuit of the provision of innovative value-added products. In line with its belief that its Group operations will grow only if it supports the growth of society as a whole, Kagome works hand in hand with stakeholders all around the world, including local communities, customers, farmers, shareholders and employees, while pursuing environment-friendly operations.
 “Nature” is the source of Kagome’s products and the value it provides. Kagome will remain a corporate group rooted in nature, taking advantage of an integrated value chain that is unique in the world, encompassing the agricultural sector, production and processing functions as well as an extensive sales network. Moreover, Kagome promotes a management approach aimed at enhancing its competitiveness and responsiveness to drastic changes in the global market environment.
 “Appreciation” is Kagome’s legacy from its founding. Kagome will maintain its appreciation for all stakeholders as a value that should be respected by all Kagome Group members long into the future.  Putting these concepts into practice, Kagome will ceaselessly work to remain a company deserving the favor and support of its stakeholders.

Hidenori Nishi Chairman

Since our founding in 1899, Kagome has contributed greatly to peoples’ healthy dietary habits by developing and providing products that capitalize on the value of the tomatoes and nature’s bounty.
Today, Kagome supplies some 30% of all of the tomatoes consumed in Japan, and about 10% of all the country’s green and yellow vegetables.
 This success has been made possible by Kagome’s employees, who pursue the ideals of “appreciation for all stakeholders,” “continually developing new values that contributes to peoples’ health and wellbeing through nature’s bounty” and “realizing corporate openness with people and society” found in our corporate philosophy, which has earned the understanding and trust of stakeholders.
 Significant changes in society await us over the next 50 years, In Japan, these include the aging of society, where one in three people will be of advanced age by 2035, a declining population, a rise in social security costs, an increase in the number of single- and two-person households, and the decline of rural areas and agriculture.
 Over this same time, there will be an increase in the world’s population and further economic growth, while environmental issues such as water, food, resources and energy supplies are expected to worsen due to climate change, and nutritional issues, such as obesity and malnutrition, will likely become more prevalent.
 To continue contributing to society through food, Kagome must resolve social issues in Kagome’s individual way, and enhance our ability to generate economic value through innovation, while shifting our business model from product-oriented to solutions-oriented, anticipating changes in society and incorporating the demands of the times into business strategies.

Naoyuki Terada President
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