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Supporting Children's CafeteriasSupporting Children's Cafeterias

Activities of Kagome Mirai Yasai Foundation

Over the years, Kagome has conducted a variety of social contribution activities, including food education under the vision of supporting the healthy growth of children through food and contributing to the wholesome development of local communities.
However, there are various issues surrounding food and dining for children today, which are becoming more serious, as they impact the physical and mental growth of children. Some of these issues include worsening nutritional balance due to poverty and deteriorating connections with families and communities due to eating alone. These are very difficult situations for individuals, groups or companies to tackle on their own.

Kagome established the Kagome Mirai Yasai Foundation in October 2020 under the vision of addressing these food related social issues together with local communities in the spirit of mutual support, as these issues are hard to tackle through self-help or public assistance alone.

Under the philosophy of bringing smiles to children and communities, the Foundation provides support primarily through donation to children's cafeterias that serve to implement food education and poverty countermeasures in each community in hopes of achieving a society that fosters wholesome and well- developed mindsets.

In FY2022, we provided a subsidy of 29.13 million yen to 80 organizations.

The Foundation's Logo
Vegetables symbolize food, and the hands articulate the gentle guardianship of children's growth.
October 1, 2020
Founding press conference of Kagome Mirai Yasai Foundation
Left: Chairman Terada Right: President Yamaguchi (Chairman of Kagome Mirai Yasai Foundation)

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