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President's Message

In KAGOME CO., LTD. Satoshi Yamaguchi, President & Representative Director

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders and institutional investors for their daily support.

Since 2001, we have been working together to achieve our “Vision of 100,000 Kagome Fans (shareholders )” and striving to communicate proactively with our shareholders. Thanks to these efforts, we now operate with the support of many shareholders. The number of our shareholders, which was 6,567 in 1998, exceeded 200,000 in 2014.

In In accordance with “Corporate openness” as part of our Corporate Philosophy, we began to schedule the General Meeting of Shareholders by avoiding days when many other companies hold general meetings of shareholders, ahead of other companies. We have also been proactive in holding events for dialogues and interactions with Kagome Fan Shareholders, such as the annual distribution of Gifts for Shareholders, Talks with the President, and Production Plant Tours. We also visit institutional investors in Japan and other countries in person to obtain opinions for medium- and long-term growth. We thus have our management monitored by many shareholders and institutional investors from external perspectives. In addition, we have realized the importance of engagement with an eye on ESG.

We aim to be a strong company that is capable of sustainable growth by using food as a means of resolving social issues. Under our long-term vision of “From a tomato company to a produce company,” we deliver a wide variety of vegetables as delicious products, such as juice, condiments, frozen foods and supplements. Through these business activities, we will contribute to extending the healthy life span of people, promoting agriculture, realizing regional revitalization, and solving other social issues. I hope that you will deepen your understanding of our company by obtaining the latest information from the IR Information pages of our website. I appreciate your continued support.

Satoshi Yamaguchi, President & Representative Director