True to nature,the flavor of KAGOME


The Businesses of Kagome

Our Business

All activities of Kagome are backed by the utilization of the value of agricultural products. Through the years, Kagome has developed technologies, new varieties of plants and processing techniques in order to help people live in good health for many years. We use a fully integrated value chain that begins with farmers and encompasses production, processing and sales operations. Today, Kagome supplies products with substantial value to consumers in Japan as well as in many other countries worldwide.

Business Segment Sales Composition (2022)

Business Network

■Companies and locations(March, 2020)
Group companies: 43 Overseas: 33 Japan: 10

■Products are exported to more than 85 countries
Seed business exports: North America (Canada), Central/South America (Mexico and others), Europe (Spain and others), Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)

■B-to-B operations sell products in more than 50 countries
North America (Canada), Central/South America (Mexico and others), Europe (Britain, France, Spain and others), Asia, Middle East, Africa, New Zealand

■The consumer business sells products in more than 5 countries
Asia business: Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Mongolia and other countries

Kagome’s Business

Vertical integration business model

Creating consistent value, from seeds to table

Kagome’s Strength

1. Our product lineup boasting the largest share in Japan

2. Green and yellow vegetables

The Food Market in Japan

The outlook for Japan’s food industry continues to be uncertain for a number of reasons. The food market is shrinking along with the country’s population, the consumption tax hike is impacting consumer sentiment, prices of imported ingredients and logistics are climbing, and global trends involving food are creating challenges. To succeed in this environment, we started a three-year Medium-term Management Plan in 2019 with the long-term vision of transforming ourselves from a tomato company to a vegetable company. Our goals are to use food to as a means to resolve social issues and to be a strong company capable of sustained growth.

Value Creation Process

To achieve what Kagome strives for by 2025, becoming a strong company capable of sustainable growth and using food as a means of resolving food issues, we must become an organization capable of continuously predicting changes in the market environment influencing our business and flexibly adapting to change. Through our business activities, we will achieve continuous growth and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing with value unique to Kagome and working to resolve social issues. This represents the Kagome’s value creation process.