True to nature,the flavor of KAGOME


The Kagome Spirit

What We Aim to Be in 2025

“To become a strong company capable of sustainable growth, using food as a means to resolve social issues”

Kagome was founded in 1899, the day farm owner and company founder Ichitaro Kanie saw the budding of the first tomato seedlings that he had grown himself. From then on, for 120 years, we have been focused on food in Japan, bringing forth new concepts in food over the years.
We have made it a goal to establish the image of the Kagome brand in the year 2025 as that of a “strong company capable of sustainable growth, using food as a means to resolve social issues.” With our integrated value chain from agriculture to production, processing, and sales that makes Kagome one of its kind in the world, we are working to help people live longer, healthy lives, promote agricultural development and regional revitalization, and address world food shortages.

Corporate Philosophy

An inherited management spirit that pervades through changing times


We are thankful for nature’s bounty and for human relationships. We respect natural ecosystems and value human sensibility.


Through nature’s bounty, we endeavor to create rich value that is ahead of the times and to contribute to consumers’ health and wellbeing.


We aim to be an open company that engages in fair and transparent corporate activities and respects each person’s individuality and abilities.

Brand Statement

What our brand should be


To strive for healthier food that makes the most of the antioxidants and immunological capabilities of nature’s bounty.


To produce healthy, great tasting foods without relying on unnatural additives and technologies.


Create new demand for delicious food, paying attention to the needs of our bodies and our planet.