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Maintaining and Enhancing Employee Skills and MotivationMaintaining and Enhancing Employee Skills and Motivation

Basic Approach to Employee Development

Kagome recognizes that the growth of individual employees and the development of the company are strongly linked. Based on this recognition, we maintain systems that elicit their abilities to the fullest and place the right person in the right position while listening to the opinions of our employees. We also work to foster a corporate culture that encourages an abundance of individual initiatives.
As part of these efforts, we promote our Independent Career Plan to help employees develop their careers at their own volition.

Human Resource Development Policy

We implement customizable human resource development that involves the effective monitoring of individual employees' strengths and weaknesses and gives due weight to their capabilities and aspirations. We implement this by taking stock of individuals' capabilities and the extent to which these capabilities are being utilized, by increasing opportunities for the assessment of individual capability development, and by putting in place initiatives for human resource development that integrate the evaluation system with employee assignment.
The aim of these measures is to create a large group of human resources who are capable of competing effectively in the marketplace. This means a large number of human resources who have: willingness to work hard to achieve self-actualization and contribute to Kagome's growth by selecting what to learn based on their own preferences and responsibilities; capabilities combining a high level of business literacy (in light of contemporary norms) and expertise and general business skills that Kagome employees are expected to have; and a spirit with which they obtain deep knowledge of Kagome (love Kagome) and maintain an open-minded attitude toward both internal and external people.

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