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Overview of Our Environmental Impacts (Japan)Overview of Our Environmental Impacts (Japan)

Overview of Our Environmental Impacts (Japan)

*The conversion of electricity into CO2 is calculated with a fixed coefficient of 0.421 for internal management purposes.

*Calculated for the period between January and December 2020.
Note that logistics CO2 is calculated from April 2020 to March 2021 for the administrative reporting period.

Major Trend in Environmental Impacts (domestic plants)
Classification Unit 2018 2019 2020
Raw ingredients Raw Vegetables t 26,940 28,770 27,010
Processed agricultural products t 115,870 113,750 110,570
Other condiments, etc. t 35,450 35,990 34,460
Energy GJ 850,370 858,940 832,120
Water (irrigation water) thousand tons 2,880 2,840 2,780
Classification Unit 2018 2019 2020
Products t 389,410 391,910 396,700
CO2 emissions t 38,600 38,910 37,600
Manufacturing surplus t 10,970 11,040 10,970
Recycled resources t 10,930 11,020 10,960

Environmental Accounting

We are reviewing the items relevant to environmental accounting as appropriate so that we can proceed with the right measures in reference to the Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005 version). In FY2020, we spent a total of 1,098 million yen on investments and expenses.

(Unit: million yen)
Item & details Investment
within business area
1) Pollution
prevention cost
Prevention of air and water pollution, air and water quality analysis and measurement, etc. 136 308
2) Environmental conservation
CO2 reduction, energy conservation, fluorocarbon related costs, etc. 20 216
3) Resource recycling cost Effective use of resources, recycling of waste, etc. 0 131
Sum of 1), 2), and 3) 156 655
Upstream and downstream
Recycling consignment fee for containers and packaging, etc. 0 157
Management activities
Environment management system operations, environmental education, etc. 0 114
R&D cost R&D activities to reduce environmental impacts 0 8
Social activities cost Environmental clean-up, pollution control levy, related group activity expenses, etc. 0 7
Environmental damage
response costs
0 0
Total 156 941
(January to December 2020)

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