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Environmental Policy and Medium-Term Environmental PlanEnvironmental Policy and Medium-Term Environmental Plan

Quality and Environmental Policy

As a company that has contributed to people's health by harnessing nature's bounty, Kagome creates products based on the philosophy of "fields are the primary production plant," by putting efforts into developing safe and high quality raw materials, such as vegetable seeds and soil, as the foundation of our business. In order to continue benefitting from nature's bounty, we need to conduct sustainable agricultural management in a rich natural environment. To ensure our business activities will continue to thrive and grow into the future, it is essential to achieve both conservation of the environment and nature-derived manufacturing.
Given the shared philosophy and relevance in activities between quality (manufacturing) and environment, we have consolidated the previously separated Quality Policy and Environmental Policy, and established the Quality and Environmental Policy in October 2017. We are devoting the same enthusiasm we have put into our manufacturing into environmental conservation activities. Our management intent to achieve a sustainable society is integrated into the Quality and Environmental Policy.

Quality and Environmental Policy (established on October 1, 2017)
  • 1.We contribute to the longevity and good health of people, which is important to us by providing the flavor and health value of vegetables.
  • 2.We grow safe agricultural raw materials consistently from seeds and fields by collaborating with our partners in Japan and abroad.
  • 3.We protect water, soil and air that nurture vegetables, maintain agriculture that fosters rich nature for the future, and effectively use the benefits acquired.
  • 4.We deliver safe, environmentally-friendly products by complying with laws, regulations and in-house standards and continuing to improve our systems and activities.
  • 5.We apply customers' feedback to our corporate activities while communicating the reliability of our products and services.

Kagome Environmental Management Plan (FY2019 to FY2021)

Environmental Management Plan within the Second Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2019-2021)

The environmental issues in recent years, such as impacts on the ecosystem due to global warming and marine pollution, have become urgent, global social issues.
At Kagome, we recognize environmental initiatives as our corporate social responsibility, and strive to observe laws and regulations and prevent environmental pollution attributed to our business activities. Moreover, we are implementing activities based on the Kagome Environmental Management Plan, which incorporates social issues that we can benefit, including environmental conservation and effective utilization of resources, in response to social needs.

■Kagome Environmental Management Plan

Classification Theme 3-year KPI
1.Prevention of global warming 1) Execution of Kagome Group's medium-term CO2 reduction plan Reduction of CO2 emissions (per production volume) by 1% per year Reduction of intensity by at least 3%
Operation of a vegetable garden using recycled plant CO2 Begin use of plant CO2
Reduction of CO2 emissions in logistics by 1% per year Reduction of intensity by at least 3%
Installation of solar power generation systems Installation in two plants
CO2Procurement of CO2-free electricity Begin procurement of CO2-free electricity
2) Promotion of CO2 reduction among suppliers Identify suppliers' CO2 reduction goals Understand all suppliers' goals
2.Water conservation 1) Water risk evaluation and response Water risk survey at overseas factories and major suppliers Risk assessment and establishment of measures
2) Reduction of water intake at production bases Reduction of water intake (per production volume) by 1% per year Reduction of intensity by 3%
3) Water purification and promotion of cyclic use Preservation of Kagome Forest for groundwater recharge Continued conservation activities
Observe regional water discharge standards Observe water discharge standards
3.Preservation of biodiversity
and promotion of sustainable agriculture
1) Preservation of biodiversity through cultivation of vegetables Enhance biodiversity of fields Achieve farms in symbiosis with living organisms
Introduction of greenhouse tomato cultivation without the use of bees Introduce in two vegetable gardens
2) Promotion of sustainable agriculture in Japan and overseas Effective use of genetic materials of tomatoes worldwide Introduction of global warming compatible varieties
Introduction of sustainable farming overseas Cultivation system verification/introduction
Promotion of sustainable agriculture among domestic processing tomato farmers Procurement of 19,000 tons, machine harvest 25%
4.Effective use of resources 1) Reduction of food loss from raw material procurement through product distribution Reduction of waste of raw materials and products 15% reduction in waste volume
2) Promotion of cyclic resources through waste recycling Continuation of zero emissions Maintenance of zero emissions
Reduction of food loss and waste and maintenance of recycling rate At least 95% rate of food recycling
5.Environmental considerations in raw materials
and products
1) Promotion of environmentally conscious raw material procurement Acquisition of RSPO certification on palm oil RSPO certification acquisition at Kagome Group
2) Promotion of development of environmentally conscious products Display of FSC certification logo on paper containers 100% display on 200 ml paper
Actual implementation of plastic policy Reduction of plastic use by 3%
6.Enhancement of the system 1) Enhance all employees' environmental awareness and actions Establishment of environmental education structure Implementation of systematic environmental education
Promotion of environmental conservation activities in communities surrounding business sites Activities at all business sites
2) Company-wide integration of Kagome environmental management system Domestic integration of KEMS Acquisition of domestic integration certification

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