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Kagome's Global Environmental ManagementKagome's Global Environmental Management

The Kagome Group has been expanding its environmental management because group-wide environmental initiatives must be taken beyond national borders in response to globalization.
We will further promote our global environmental management and conservation activities.

Environmental performance of overseas production sites (FY2016 results)
Energy consumption (thousand GJ) CO2 emissions (tons) Water consumption (thousand tons)
Kagome Inc.(USA) 96 5,800 166
Kagome Foods, Inc. 149 8,900 84
Vegitalia S.p.A. 61 2,700 127
HIT(Italaglo) 427 15,800 2,782
HIT(FIT) 222 10,100 1,278
Kagome Australia Pty Ltd. 414 26,100 304
Taiwan Kagome Co., Ltd. 35 1,800 93

*Values for January to December 2016

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