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Disclosure PolicyDisclosure Policy

Aspiring for Comprehensive Information Disclosure

The Kagome Group has been growing with value creation through social contribution under our corporate philosophy of "appreciation," "nature" and "corporate openness." With the aim of disclosing comprehensive information about our CSR activities, we compile information by referencing the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Our Reports

FY1999: Environmental Report
FY2005: Social & Environmental Report
FY2010: CSR Report
FY2013: Kagome Sustainability Report
FY2016: Kagome Story (Company Brochure) and CSR Report
FY2017: Integrated Report, Kagome Story (Company Brochure), and CSR Report

Disclosure Method and Positioning

In the past, reports on our CSR activities were provided mainly through published works such as the Social & Environmental Report and Sustainability Report. Since we began publishing an integrated report in 2017, which is aimed at conveying our corporate value to institutional investors, we have made the switch to disclose reports on our CSR activities via our website, in order to include more comprehensive information.

Reporting Period and Boundary

■Reporting period
January to December 2021
*Activities carried out before/after the above period are also included.

■Reporting boundary
In our report, "Kagome" refers to Kagome Co., Ltd., "Kagome Group companies in Japan" and "domestic Kagome Group" refer to Kagome Co., Ltd. and its Group companies in Japan, and "Kagome Group" refers to Kagome Co., Ltd. and its Group companies all over the world.

Month and Year of Disclosure

February 2023


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