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Reduction of Water ConsumptionReduction of Water Consumption

*The period of calculation for our environmental performance data was April to March, from FY2011 to FY2014. This was changed to January to December in FY2015, reflecting the change in the fiscal year end.

Promotion of Efficient Use and Reuse of Water

Kagome plants use a large amount of water to wash harvested crops and cool products. Therefore we make efforts to reduce our water consumption by promoting efficient use and reuse of water and other initiatives.
In FY2016, as a result of our painstaking efforts to save water at our plants, total water consumption in Japan decreased approx. 3.7% from the FY2015 level, to 3,296 thousand t and water consumption per unit of production decreased 6.7% year on year, to 8.4 t/kl.
We will continue to strive to reduce water consumption by reviewing the methods of use, reusing cooling water, and taking other measures.

Water Consumption
Water Consumption

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